Freefly have upped the game in motorised image stabilisers with their huge new Movi XL which can take very large cinema cameras and can work at up to 100mph! But the price tag is similarly large, £22,000.

The XL can handle a 20lb payload, and is wireless for both command and power using lithium batteries.

It can be mounted in underslung or overslung mode without changing any settings by just flipping the unit over. The unit works with the current Freefly ecosystem, so you can use MIMIC or Movi Controller.

Click here for more details on the Movi XL!







DJI has revealed the next generation of its flagship three-axis gimbal stabiliser. The Ronin 2 can now carry a payload of up to 30lbs (13kgs) and has motors that are five times more powerful than the current model.

The Ronin 2 has foldaway feet, an integrated touchscreen, larger camera cage and extendable arms. It can now be used on Steadicam systems too.

With dual hot-swappable batteries the same as on the Inspire 2 drone, it can also power a RED Dragon camera. The DJI App has been updated too.

It will be available in the second quarter of 2017 but no prices have yet been announced.

Check out more on the video below and the DJI official website here.





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